About Us


What does legs diamond mean?

Legs Diamond is the nickname of a famous bootlegger in the 1920's New York era. We designed the interior of the resto to replicate the look and sound of a 1920's establishment and to ultimately send you back in time.


Who are we?

Legs Diamond was conceived as a result of over 37 years in the fine dining and catering business. We wanted an intimate and smaller space to work in. And quickly decided we would make it unique. The use of sterling silver and fine bone china and miss matching them on the tables goes with the rich mahogany and purple heart wood and copper used throughout the space. Antique cabinets, dressers and tables and our new custom made purple heart dining tables all add a warm ambiance to the place. There is a certain casualness, even quirkiness with the place while at the same time appearing unpretentious. Service is discreet and relaxed, efficient and friendly. 

We like to consider Legs Diamond to be upscale casual.


Where are we?

Being in "uptown" whistler is more mellow and quaint. It's quiet with less hustle and bustle, and we like to think less is more. There are some very nice shops and galleries on the stroll and of course we are at the base of Blackcomb mountain. Legs Diamond is surrounded by five hotels all within a five minute walk. The Blackcomb liquor store and the Fitzsimmons pub on either side of us are all in the Glacier Lodge on Blackcomb way. There is easy access to the Upper village from the lower parking lots 1-5, approximately a five minute walk. 



Legs Diamond has a passion for delivering an incredible experience to all those that visit us. We want you going home feeling that you have had the most amazing time.